UCI Road World Chamionships
Aims of the Organization
It was the 6 October 2003, exactly one o’clock pm, when Agostino Omini, vice-president of the International Cycling Union (UCI) announced in Hamilton, venue of the 2003 UCI World Road World Championships:

"Salzburg is awarded the 2006 UCI Road World Championships and the 2005 UCI Juniors World Championships in Vienna and Burgenland.”

Thus, this is the second time – after Vienna and Villach, Carinthia, in 1987 – for Road World Championships to be carried out on Austrian soil. The bid in the forefront and the organisation and execution of the World Championships now are closely connected with the following aims of the Organising Committee:

• To stage an event trend-setting for Austria, Salzburg, and the international cycling sport
• To celebrate Road World Championships, which will always be well remembered!
• To give the Austrians a better understanding of cycling as a popular sport and thereby providing a devoted lobby for professional sport/professional cycling sport in Austria.
• To support professional as well as junior sport on a long-term basis!

• To distinguish the state and the city of Salzburg as a long-lasting attractive cycling destination for tourists.
• To promote urban “mobility with the bike”.
• To picture sport and cycling sport as part of the Austrian culture in Salzburg.
• To introduce Salzburg as a location for sport-specific seminaries and congresses as well as a location for sport fairs.
• To encourage cooperation of international sponsors and TV stations with Salzburg state and Salzburg city.
• To formulate reusable, adaptable event concepts like traffic or visitor concepts for the city of Salzburg.
• To acquire locals and sport-interested persons as aides or visitors of the event and to strengthen the „feeling of community”.
• To integrate the „Rupertikirtag” and other side programmes for visitors of the 2006 Road World Championships. To present local customs, culture, tradition, and regional products. To promote Salzburg’s event campaign „Bauernherbst” as a market segment of tourism.
• To acquire other sport mass events.
• To establish Salzburg city as location for sport events, which has to be considered as a stage win in terms of a successful bid for Olympia in 2014. 

OC Members
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The UCI Road World Championships live! Follow the Races via Internet. is the official Live-Ticker partner of the 2006 UCI Road World Championships in Salzburg/Austria.

Dr. Heinz Schaden,
Mayor of the City of Salzburg

In Salzburg cycling is very popular. The bicycle is the most favoured means of transportation in the population, the network of cycle paths is one of the most densely structured throughout Austria. Additionally professional cycling is quite significant too. Thus I am especially pleased that we succeeded in our bid to host the 2006 Road World Championships in Salzburg. The World Championships as one of the biggest sport events, taking place on venues all over world and each year, is an important multiplicator for race cycling and an unforgettable event for the fans of cycling – hence the preparations run at full speed. Already now I am looking forward to the competitions and the finishes in the heart of our city!

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