UCI Road World Chamionships

Traffic Concept

Staging a sports event of this magnitude, taking place in an ordinary street, without difficulties and restrictions is an illusion of which we are absolutely aware.  It is therefore our major concern to inform companies and private people along the course and in the internal areas of the course as well as the remaining citizens of Salzburg as comprehensively as possible about the pending large-scale sports event.   We appeal to the citizens of Salzburg in this case for their support and most politely also ask for their understanding – in the sense of a jointly borne World Championship, which will hopefully be viewed with pride as a recognised joint product.  We were and are involved in the preparations, endeavouring to keep the restrictions to a minimum.  For example we were able to condense the program, thus reducing the competition days from six to four.

The Program
The World Championship program is as follows:
On the evening of September 19th, the Opening Ceremony will take place in the City of Salzburg, following a training session in the afternoon.   Individual time trials starting in Schwarzstraße and with the finish line on Mirabellplatz will take place on 20th and 21st, followed by another training session of Friday. On September 23rd and 24th the street races will take place starting and finishing on Mirabellplatz. We, the Organisation Committee of the Cycling WC, together with our traffic planner, the public transportation operators, representatives of the City and Land of Salzburg and the Salzburg Executives have taken all possible steps to ensure that the restrictions are kept to a minimum.  The event dates are as follows:

Date  Time  Competition  Restrictions 
Sunday, 17.09.2006  14:00-16:00 
Mirabellplace ~ 12:30-16:30
Jedermann-Charity-Cycling Tour  Total closure of the road 
Tuesday, 19.09.2006  12:00-17:00  Training  No total closure just smaller restrictions 
  19:00-23:00 Opening Ceremony  Closure Mirabellplace
Wednesday, 20.09.2006  12:00-14:00  Time Trial Elite Women  Total closure of the road 
  14:00-16:45  Time Trial U23  Total closure of the road
Thurday, 21.09.2006  13:30-16:45  Time Trial Elite Men  Total closure of the road
Friday, 22.09.2006  13:00-16:00  Training  No total closure just smaller restrictions
Saturday, 23.09.2006  09:00-13:40   Road Race U23  Total closure of the road 
  14:30-18:15  Road Race Elite Women  Total closure of the road
Sunday, 24.09.2006  10:30-17:25  Road Race Elite Men    Total closure of the road 

The course must be blocked 1 hour before the race until ½ hour to 1 hour after the race.  A blocking of the course is not required during training.  After intensive negotiations with the World Cycling Sport Association (UCI), the OK was given to ensure that a training inspection can be conducted with a police escort, thus making a total block of the course unnecessary.  Traffic-related restrictions and difficulties would therefore be as minimal as possible during training. 
Furthermore we would like to inform you that the blocks required during the time trials will be successively lifted immediately after the last cyclist has started.  Especially for the area of Flachgau, this means that the course can be released for traffic again as soon as the last cyclist has passed through. 

The Course
For the individual time trials (Wednesday and Thursday) the course leads along Hummelgasse via Makartplatz, Dreifaltigkeitsgasse,  Paris Lodron Straße, Franz Josef Straße, Stelzhammer Straße, Sterneckstraße, Linzer Bundesstraße to Mayrwies, at Santa Fe into Hallwanger Landesstraße via Söllheimer Berg to Hallwang, from Hallwang to Tiefenbach through to Elixhausen, and via Mattseer Landesstraße to Obertrum. On Wednesday the ladies cycle back from the junction Wies to the City of Salzburg, the U23 race leads up to the second traffic island in Obertrum, then to Staffel, from there to the Centre of Obertrum and back to the City of Salzburg. On Thursday the course for the Elite Men leads from Obertrum on towrads Mattsee (bypass), Seeham, Staffel, then through Obertrum Town Centre a via Mattseer Landesstraße towards the City of Salzburg. At the traffic island in Lengfelden the course leads along the lane towards Obertrum, approximately up to Hausmann. There a connecting route to Alten Mattseer Landstraße will be built. The course then continues along Carl Zuckmayer Straße, Vogelweiderstraße (outbound lane, so that the inbound lane remains open for access to Schallmoos, … via Robinigstraße – via the underpass at the Schenker Company is ensured), Gniglerstraße, Lastenstraße, through the Nelböck Viaduct, into Rainerstraße to cross the finish line on Mirabellplatz.

The course of the Road Race is very similar to that of the individual time trials. Here the start is on Mirabellplatz, continues along Paris-Lodron-Straße onto the individual time trials course (details see above). The Road Race course only leaves the time trials course in Mayrwies.  In Mayrwies the course does not turn off into Hallwanger Landesstraße, but stays on the B1, leading over Rennerberg to Esch and turning off there towards Zilling, Hallwang. Approaching the town of Hallwang the two courses meet again and continue through Hallwang to Tiefenbach and Elixhausen. In the Road Race, Elixhausen is the turning point and the cyclists drive from Elixhausen back to the City of Salzburg (same course as the time trials). 

Inner Traffic Development
For the areas lying within the course boundaries, there will be, as far as possible, a development concept for residential and supply traffic. There will therefore be points allowing the crossing of the race course (not only for pedestrians, but also partially for cars and lorries) thus enabling supplies to the  “enclosed” areas. However, we do point out that – particularly in the private area – trips with your own car should be avoided and the road block schedule should be observed for shopping etc. Crossing the course is mainly intended for urgent cases.  Attached please find a plan with the presently specified crossings for cars and lorries  (inner traffic development) and a plan with the current pedestrian crossing possibilities. 

Crossings for motor traffic

Crossings for motor traffic in the City of Salzburg:
- Area of Landstraße (Itzling/Sam/Langwied)
- Bayerhamerstraße (Schallmoos/Neustadt)
- Schallmoos can be reached from Vogelweiderstraße via Robinigstraße and the underpass at the Schenker Company.
- At the Sterneck crossing the crossing area approach from Fürbergstraße/Schallmooser Hauptstraße will stay open.

The block at Mirabellplatz for public transport begins one hour before the start of the individual races respectively.  An hour after the end of the race, the passage should be possible for public transport.  Individual traffic will be withdrawn on race days from 8 a.m. and diverted via Schwarzstrasse.  An hour after the end of the race – particularly after the individual races – traffic could have normal access to Mirabellplatz again, depending on the individual traffic situation. Schwarzstrasse will be blocked for through traffic between E.Thunstrasse and Staatsbrücke.

Schwarzstrasse is blocked for through traffic between E.Thunstrasse and Staatsbrücke. Access to the Raika garage is possible. From the garage onwards the road will be blocked for the individual races.  The approach to Hotel Sacher, will take place via Elisabethkai as agreed with Ms. Dir. Kammerhofer.
The blockage times are:  

  • Wednesday,  20.09. from 10.30 a.m. –  6 p.m.
  • Thursday, 21.09. from 12 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Outside these times, public and individual transport will be able to pass through without restriction, i.e. one lane is available for each direction.

Staatsbrücke, Lehenerbrücke and Nonntalerbrücke can be used by public and individual traffic can be used without restriction.  During the individual races with previous and subsequent races, Imbergstrasse in the direction of Schwarzstrasse cannot be used. Diversion via Staatsbrücke and Gaswerkgasse.

Access to Schallmooser-Hptstr. is possible via Sterneck crossing with a narrow radius. The race course is on the left-hand side of the crossing, there is sufficient space for left-hand turns.  Public transport going to Glockengasse turns off here.   

In order to enable departure from  “Vogelsiedlung”, a corridor will be created between Bachstrasse und Amselgasse (fenced off) whereby the police will take care of traffic regulation.

Esch/Langwied is accessible via Möslweg, Waldorfstraße and the Mayrwiesstraße junction (Satruday and Sunday further via Daxlueg or Wednesday, Thursday see  Hallwang crossings). 

Kasern can be accessed via the crossing Landstraße, Sam, Nußdorf and Söllheimerstraße.

Caution: Crossing the course is only possible at the weekend during the races. Crossing the course is not possible during the time trials.  We would lilke to ask you to absolutely observe the blockage times. Crossings at the defined points is only possible on Wednesday between the individual time trials Elite Ladies and the U23.  We ask you not to undertake any journeys that are not absolutely necessary during the races and to only make use of the crossings in case of emergencies. Please organise loading outside the blockage times if possible, as certain alternative routes are not mainly / only partially suitable for HGV traffic! 

Crossings for motor traffic in Flachgau:
- Wednesday, Thursday: Crossing Gewerbestraße/Mayrwiesstraße (crossing possibility until directly before the Ladies Elite race and after the last of the ladies has passed until directly before the U23 race – opening after the last U23 cyclist has passed)
- Saturday, Sunday: Crossing Mayrwiesstraße/Braunwiesweg – access possibility via Daxlueg or Söllheimerstraße – Nußdorf – Sam – to cross Landstraße into the City of Salzburg

- Access to Leicharting via the existing underpass of the L101 in Elixhausen.

- Access to the inner area of Elixhausen see crossing Bergheim

During the competitions in the WC week journeys should be avoided as far as possible. If you know in advance that a car is required, leave in good time or park your car outside the blocked area.  Only use crossings if absolutely necessary! You must expect delays!!!

Pedestrian crossings:
To maintain the mobility of pedestrians and cyclists, crossings will be supplied in the town area and the visitors’ centres.  In the other areas (Flachgau) crossing possibilities will be individually regulated by police or public officials.
Pedestrians are guided in separate directions at a distance of 20 m to avoid mutual hindrance during crossing and enable the clearing of the course at all times.  The crossing points are marked by balloons, so that they are recognisable from a distance in case of congestion.  A total of 12 crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists
(pushing) are provided in the following areas:
• Paris-Lodron-Straße in the area of the T-junction to Dreifaltigkeitsgasse
• Paris-Lodron-Straße in the area of the junction to Wolf-Dietrich-Straße
• Stelzhamerstraße in the area of the T-junction to Gabelsbergerstraße
• Sterneckstraße in the area of the T-junction to Vogelweiderstraße
• Linzer Bundesstraße in the area of the junction Schillinghofstraße / Grazer Bundesstraße
• Linzer Bundesstraße in the area of the T-junction to Lerchenstraße
• Zillinger Straße in the area of Waldfestgelände
• Hallwanger Landesstraße in the area of Gschaiderberg
• Vogelweiderstraße in the area of the T-junction to Sylvester-Wagner-Straße
• Lastenstraße in the area of Bahnsteg
• Rainerstraße in the area of the T-junction to St.-Julien-Straße
• Rainerstraße in the area of Max Otto Platz

Outer traffic development City of Salzburg
Car traffic must be diverted for the duration of the respective blockage times.  In the railway station area, Elisabethstraße is blocked for through traffic between August Gruber Straße and St. Julien Straße, Plainstraße to Sylvester Oberberger Straße and St. Julien Straße from Haunsbergstraße. Schwarzstraße is blocked from St. Julien Straße or Staatsbrücke. Only residential and supply traffic is permitted.  The approach to the station will only be possible from the North. 

Bus information
From Sunday, September 17th, 2006 until incl. Sunday, September 24th, 2006, the bus terminal Paris Lodron Straße cannot be approached.  Substitute terminal: Bus terminal Erzabt Klotz Straße

Public Transport
In close cooperation with the transport companies, we are attempting to maintain public transport during the races as far as possible.  Certain city bus lines, rail/post bus and other transport companies will have to face delays, blockages and diversions due to the races.  Together we are still working on line network options. 
In the City of Salzburg the central stop will be created at Ferdinand Hanusch Platz due to the blockage of Mirabellplatz.
The regional bus lines will be guided to the City Centre where possible. The focal points are the railway station, Glockengasse and Ferdinand Hanusch Platz.

Information regarding the traffic lines during the World Championship will be published and communicated on the homepage of the OC of the World Cycling Championship  (

School operations will continue during the World Championship week (exception: Andrä schools in the City of Salzburg – special regulation with the school authority). Schools are informed about the World Championship and school operations agreed upon with the District School Authority or the communities.

The Organisation Committee places particular importance on spectators using public transport (bus, rail, plane). Special combined tickets issued by the public transport companies (reduced rail travel and WC ticket), with ticket sales at the airport and corresponding shuttle services (the use of the rail shuttle and public transport means in the City and specified zones outside the City is included in the WC ticket price) are intended to offer special incentives to make the use of public transport more attractive.

P+R car parks are available in suburban areas for visitors to the WC approaching by car.  The visitors are transported via shuttle (bus or rail). This is intended to prevent the visitors from driving into the City and preventing traffic flow.
P+R car parks are planned in Puch/Urstein, Salzburg Süd (buses), EM-Stadium, Trade Fair Centre, Elixhausen and Hallwang.

We hope to have been able to provide first information.  Please contact us if you have any questions and we will attempt to provide any help possible.

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Dr. Heinz Schaden,
Mayor of the City of Salzburg

In Salzburg cycling is very popular. The bicycle is the most favoured means of transportation in the population, the network of cycle paths is one of the most densely structured throughout Austria. Additionally professional cycling is quite significant too. Thus I am especially pleased that we succeeded in our bid to host the 2006 Road World Championships in Salzburg. The World Championships as one of the biggest sport events, taking place on venues all over world and each year, is an important multiplicator for race cycling and an unforgettable event for the fans of cycling – hence the preparations run at full speed. Already now I am looking forward to the competitions and the finishes in the heart of our city!

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