UCI Road World Chamionships
Elk Haus NÖ and Uniqa Graz
A Closer Look at the Women’s Teams

Just as last year, two women’s sports teams will be involved in Austria and the World Cup: Elk Haus NÖ and Uniqa Graz. RADWELT presents the most important changes.

Elk Haus NÖ

In October of last year Elk team manager Heribert Springnagel had to absorb a heavy loss: His Austrian drawing card Andrea Graus, the reigning national champion, switched to the Swiss Bigla racing team. A gap resulted, but Heribert, who is a fighter, didn’t let it faze him. After all he can still bank on the strong Swiss cyclist Annette Beutler, who is Number 22 worldwide after all – especially in international races. In addition, the two Wieser sisters – Isabella, the new and former Cyclo-Cross National Champion – and Karin, Patricia Schwager, another Swiss participant, the German Katharina Blum and the American Alisha Lion, who lives in Munich, have signed up for the new season. When she is not on the go with the mountain bike circuit, then Bärbel Jungmeier also switches to the road cycle where she exchanges her Ciclopia team outfit for the red Elk jersey. That’s the group that will also tackle all the World Cup races (twelve from New Zealand to Canada, after all). The cyclists will also be backed by the new Assistant Team Manager Niki Fleiss, who will support the athletes in the customary manner from behind the wheel of his Renault Skala. Austrians Chrisabel Prischl, Petra Pilz, Siegrid Hauer and Iris Sperdin will also be pushing the pedals of their Simplon bicycles during the home Cup races. Heribert Springnagel has clearly defined the goals: “We want to be in the Top Ten in the Team World Ranking List and also among the ten best with one cyclist in the Singles’ World Rankings, national championship medals for road racing and time trials, one to two winners' podium placements in World Cup races. In addition, Isabella and Bärbel as well as the two Swiss women should qualify for the home World Championship race in Salzburg." Tough demands from the boss. The international starting shot will take place in February/March at the World Cup race in New Zealand and Australia. After that it continues successively until the aforementioned World Cup week from 19 until 24 September in the Salzburg region.

BEUTLER Annette  SUI   29 Jun 1976    
BLUM Katharina  GER   24 Oct 1984    
JUNGMEIER Bärbel  AUT   08 Jul 1975    
LION Alisha  USA   26 Mar 1981    
RUSO Karin  AUT   28 Oct 1984    
SCHWAGER Patricia  SUI   06 Dec 1983    
WIESER Isabella  AUT   07 Apr 1976    
WIESER Karin  AUT   23 Jun 1978     

Heribert Springnagel
Buchwiese 7
2532 Heiligenkreuz
Tel. +43 6509 1194 49
Fax: +43 6509 1194 49


ARBÖ ASKÖ UNIQA Wiesbauer Graz

ÖRV Women’s Team Speaker and UNIQA Graz Team Manager Klaus Kabasser is banking on the tried and tested this season: “Basically, the regular cyclists have remained the same. New to the team, however, is Drahteisel General Manager Arnold Eisel, whom I’d like to welcome as the new Athletic Coach.” The team, which is banking on Kuota racing bicycles and will be on the go with cars from automobile maker Citroen, will be spearheaded by Christiane Soeder, as in the past. “Chrisi“ will compete in all Austrian races wearing the UNIQA jersey, in the World Cup she will be starting with the mixed team from Univega. There has been a cooperation with the Swiss racing stable since the autumn of 2004. Besides Soeder, Kabasser is mainly counting on Daniela Pintarelli, Bernadette Schober and Austria’s promising young talent Veronika Sprügl, who was fifth in the individual time trials at the European championships last year. Kabasser, an attorney by education, has an interesting cyclist in his line-up with Andrea Mayr: Andrea is an active runner and track and field athlete, who won the annual Empire State Building Run-Up [race up 1,576 steps] for the third time at the beginning of February. At the last track-and-field World Championships she competed in the 3,000 meter hurdle race. ”She is a genuine sports talent. She cycled in her first race two years ago, the Mountain Cycling Championships, and was able to win on her first try, in front of Gruber and Graus.” The season’s top goal is the Cycling World Championship race in Salzburg, for which the UNIQA Graz team would like to have at least one cyclist qualify for the time trials and road races. Furthermore, they are shooting for top results at the U23 European and the national championships. In addition, the women from Austria’s Styria region gathered around Christiane Soeder are looking to win the team and individual ratings in the green heart of Austria [Styria] at the UNIQUA Women’s Cup.

DRIUSSI Maria AUT 01 Mar 1984 
MAYER Andrea AUT  15 Oct 1979 
PIERINGER Angelika  AUT   10 Oct 1969     
PINTARELLI Daniela  AUT   10 Nov 1983     
SCHATTE Kathrin  AUT   27 Nov 1976     
SCHOBER Bernadette  AUT   15 Jul 1984     
SCHOGL Gudrun AUT 28 Jul 1980 
SOEDER Christiane AUT  15 Jan 1975    
SPRÜGL Veronika  AUT   21 Dec 1987     
WEIGL Yvonne  AUT   31 Jul 1978     

Mag. Klaus Kabasser
Fischeraustraße 55a/3
8051 Graz
Tel. +43 6768 3277 346
Fax: +43 0316 8074 4602

Membres OC
OK RAD WM 2005/06  |  Schloss Mirabell  |  A 5024 Salzburg
Tel. +43 (0) 662 / 2005 06  |  Fax +43 (0) 662 / 2005 06-44

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Jedermann Charity
Two days before the opening of the 2006 UCI Road World Championships in Salzburg a so-called "Jedermann-Charity-Cycling Tour" will take place on the original track of the Road Races. This charity event, which is of benefit for the biggest austrian charity organisation "Licht ins Dunkel", will take place on 17th of September. Actor Peter Simonischek is going to be the godfather this uniqe opening event.
A Salzbourg on aime faire du vélo. La bicyclette est un moyen de transport très populaire auprès de la population, et le réseau de pistes cyclables est l'un des plus développés en Autriche. Le cyclisme professionnel, lui aussi, est d'une grande importance. Pour cette raison, je me réjouis particulièrement que les Championnats du Monde Route 2006 auront lieu à Salzbourg. Les Championnats du Monde sont l'une des plus grandes compétitions sportives du monde, ils se tiennent annuellement et à l'échelle mondiale, et ils présentent pour le cyclisme un multiplicateur important et un événement inoubliable pour les spectateurs. Les préparations sont en plein cours et je me réjouis d'avance des épreuves et les sprint finales au coeur de la ville!
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