UCI Road World Chamionships
The Austrian Continental Teams
What’s New in the Transfer Market?

We have already presented the two most important changes: There are now two professional Continental Teams in Austria, Volksbank and Elk Simplon. There have also been a few changes one league below that: Four Continental Teams - of which Corratec Graz, which has not applied to renew its license, Swiag – in contrast – has, will try to make victory as difficult as possible for the two “big ones”.

Apo Sport Krone Linz

Hubert Stankovsky’s Linz team has not only changed its team name. The departure of Werner Riebenbauer, Patrick Riedesser and Christian Lener for Volksbank, Robert Lauscha's switch to Elk and Fritz Berein’s change to Team NÖ has created a major vacuum. However, Linz was successful in closing this open hole quite successfully. Particularly the signing of Jan Valach, who has cycled as part of the top teams De Nardi and ZWZ, enabled Stankovsky to bring a top cyclist to Austria. There were also changes in the attending crew: Corratec Graz no longer exists as a Continental Team this season, the Styrians wanted to establish themselves as a U23 team. Christoph Resl was snagged from there, and he brought Adam Hansen and Werner Faltheiner along with him at the same time. It is also interesting that mountain biker Michi Weiss, who is showing a growing interest in road cycling sports, also signed on. In the meantime Apo Sport is a loyal partner of the Linz team, new in the sponsors’ ranks is now the Kronen Zeitung. “Here I especially want to express my thanks to Franz Steinberger, who got Krone on board after Wiesbauer left“, says a delighted Stankovsky. The goals of Apo Sport Krone Linz are primarily focused on Austria: Top placements in the Österreich Rundfahrt [Austrian Tour] and the Uniqa Classic are being targeted. In addition, the cyclists are to gain experience in the international circuit, such as the Slovenia, Lower Saxony tour, the Saxony tour and some races in Italy.

BRADLEY Andrew  AUT   14 Jul 1982    
FALTHEINER Werner  AUT   27 Apr 1975    
HANSEN Adam  AUS   11 May 1981    
HERMAN Petr  CZE   01 Jan 1974    
LAUSCHA Georg  AUT   01Sep 1987    
NEUWEG Michael  AUT   27.Sep 1983    
PAURITSCH Jürgen  AUT   02 May 1977    
PÖMER Christian  AUT   21Sep 1977    
SIMON Andreas  AUT   30 Apr 1986    
VALACH Jan  SVK   19 Aug 1973    
WEISS Michael  AUT   17 Jan 1981    

Hubert Stankovsky
Schiessstattstrasse 27 
4048 Puchenau
Tel. +43 7322 2187 7
Fax  +43 7322 2248 9

RC Arbö Resch & Frisch Wels

There haven’t been that many changes in the Wels encampment: The team was and still is spearheaded by the long-time expert Maurizio Vandelli. The climbing specialist Andreas Ortner from Berchtesgaden is also still part of the team. A new addition is Mario Höller. On the other side of the coin, there have been quite a few alterations in the club’s structure: As the previous president Resch Paul can no longer carry out his duties due to health reasons - whereas he will still be available as a committed major sponsor, Team Manager Fritz Wöss was forced to look around for an alternative. And he was successful in finding it in the person of extreme athlete Wolfgang Fasching. The Styrian, who now lives by ear Wels, is to bring his excellent contacts to the business world to bear as President and secure a golden future for the team. Back to athletics: As in the past years, the entire team will be at their training camp in Cesenatico from 26 February until 12 March, during which time Vandelli is to form the team and whip it into shape. The dress rehearsal will take place on 26th March with the Giro del Mendisiotto. Naturally, all home races are also part of the schedule. “If we get the chance, then we also want to participate in the Friedens-Rundfahrt [Peace Tour] that will take place on 14 May in Linz. Our cyclists will also compete in the Bayern-Rundfahrt [Bavaria Tour], along with various races in Germany and Italy, says Team Manager Wöss.

BIERBAUER Oliver  AUT   23 Sep 1977    
HAUSER Patrick  AUT   09 Dec 1984    
HÖLLER Mario  AUT   12 Apr 1979    
HUMER Hans  AUT   
KNAPP Andreas  AUT   12 Mar 1971    
MAIR Thomas  AUT   12 Mar 1971    
ORREGIA Marco Leonardo  AUT   01 Aug 1986    
ORTNER Andreas  GER   03 Dec 1975    
STEINKELLER Klaus  AUT   14 Dec 1981    
STRAUSS Christian  AUT  
VANDELLI Maurizio  ITA   09 Aug 1964   

Fritz Wöss
Maria Theresia Straße 33
4600 Wels
Tel.  +43 7242 2102 70
Fax  +43 7242 2102 70

Team Manager   Mr. WÖSS, Fritz


There have been a lot of changes in the Carinthian Continental Team Plast Recycling Austria. ”The team is 40 percent stronger today than last year," says Team Manager Hans Enzi confidently. In addition to the new pool of sponsors centered around Plast Recycling (“If we can prove ourselves by having successes, then the company could even increase its commitment further"), the man from Völkermarkt was able to haul in a further big fish: Dean Podgornik. The Slovene is supposed to garner the victories along with his compatriot Vid Ogris. The 25-year-old gained experience with Tenax in the last two years. Two years ago he already competed in the Giro d’Italia, last year he was able to finish the HC race Veenendaal-Veenendaal in second place behind the victor Paul van Schalen. ”Podgornik is highly motivated and should help us achieve third place in the Tchibo Cup team scoring. Last year we finished in the top five, in fourth place. That’s merely the logical next step for us", Enzi maintains. Two further team members, who have proven themselves to be valuable point-collectors and are under contract, are the tried and tested Paul Kasis and Christoph Kerschbaum. The season’s goals have been defined as follows: Participation in the Österreich Rundfahrt [Austrian Tour] and the Uniqa Classic, one-day victories at Cup races, and Enzi wants to see two of his cyclists in the U23 race at the World Cup event in home territory in Salzburg and one of his cyclists in the pro race. And the long-term goals? “Year after next I’d like us to be a professional team. We have the sponsors for it", says Enzi.

EBNER Christian  AUT   20 Sep 1984    
ENZI Christopher  AUT   22 Feb 1985    
HOFMEISTER Hanno  AUT   11 Oct 1985    
ISAK Christian  AUT   02 Jan 1973    
KASIS Paul  AUT   31 Dec 1976    
KERSCHBAUM Christoph  AUT   24 Sep 1976    
KOPEINIG René  AUT   04 Feb 1983    
OGRIS Vid  SLO   03 Jan 1985    
PAVLICEK David  CZE   31 Mar 1976    
PODGORNIK Dean  SLO   03 Jul 1979   

Hans Enzi 
Kaltenbrunner Straße 22 
9100 Völkermarkt
Tel. +43 4232 3500
Fax  +43 4232 3500


Swiag Teka

Last year the Swiag team celebrated its premiere. And it was more than successful: One just has to think of Jimmy Waflers’ victory at the kick-off race in Ansfelden. The team around Team Manager Michael Hoffman wants to continue along the same path. And that is: Aggressively promoting the work with youth. “We have to sow today to reap the harvest tomorrow,“ as it unequivocally states in the press folder. The first premise is to become Austria’s talent forge Number 1. That’s how the two rookies Norbert Dprauer and Patrick Hackl could be recruited for 2006. In addition to the elite team, Hoffmann also is planning an own junior team. But a glance at the team roster shows that the old hands aren’t getting short-changed, either: Besides regular member Roland Wafler, Hoffmann is pleased about re-signing the frequent mountain champion and winner’s podium regular of the Austrian Tour [Österreich Rundfahrt] Hans-Peter Obwaller, who is to be staunchly supported by ex-Tchibo Cup victor Ralph Scherzer, Rok Jerse, Uros Silar and – last but not least - Adam Homolka. Preparatory races in Croatia and Mallorca are to provide the first fine-tuning, after that the Swiag Teka team will be part of all important Austrian races. Hoffmann indicates that the final big goal is the World Championship home race in Salzburg: “We want to have at least one cyclist at the starting line there.“

DRESCHER Andreas  AUT   14 Jan 1986    
DURAUER Norbert  AUT   01 Feb 1986    
EGERT Daniel  AUT   25 Apr 1986    
HACKL Patrick  AUT   08 Apr 1985    
HOMOLKA Adam  CZE   12 Feb 1979    
JAUK Johann  AUT   28 Jan 1980    
JERSE Rok  SLO   16 Mar 1981    
KATZENSTEINER Hermann  AUT   28 Aug 1968    
LEGLER Andreas  AUT   26 Jun 1972    
LEXMÜLLER Mario  AUT   11 Nov 1982    
OBWALLER Hans Peter  AUT   17 Jun 1971    
SCHERZER Ralph  AUT   27 Oct 1978    
SILAR Uros  SLO   17 Jul 1978    
TSCHELLNIGG Christoph  AUT   18 Apr 1984    
WAFLER Roland  AUT   20 Apr 1972   

Michael Hoffmann 
Wolfgang-Pauli-Gasse 5 
1140 Wien
Tel. +43 1970 1830 0
Fax  +43 1970 1811 0


Membri OC
OK RAD WM 2005/06  |  Schloss Mirabell  |  A 5024 Salzburg
Tel. +43 (0) 662 / 2005 06  |  Fax +43 (0) 662 / 2005 06-44

The UCI Road World Championships live! Follow the Races via Internet. is the official Live-Ticker partner of the 2006 UCI Road World Championships in Salzburg/Austria.
Jedermann Charity
Two days before the opening of the 2006 UCI Road World Championships in Salzburg a so-called "Jedermann-Charity-Cycling Tour" will take place on the original track of the Road Races. This charity event, which is of benefit for the biggest austrian charity organisation "Licht ins Dunkel", will take place on 17th of September. Actor Peter Simonischek is going to be the godfather this uniqe opening event.
Discorso di apertura

Dott. Heinz Schaden,
Sindaco - Città di Salisburgo

Il ciclismo è molto popolare a Salisburgo. La bicicletta è uno dei mezzi di trasporto preferiti dalla popolazione, la rete di piste ciclabili è d’altra parte una delle più estese dell’Austria. Inoltre anche il ciclismo professionista ha una grande rilevanza. Sono particolarmente soddisfatto che Salisburgo sia riuscita ad aggiudicarsi i Campionati del mondo di ciclismo 2006. I Campionati del mondo sono una delle maggiori manifestazioni sportive a livello mondiale e con cadenza annuale e rappresentano un importante moltiplicatore per il ciclismo e un avvenimento indimenticabile per gli appassionati. Pertanto i preparativi procedono già a pieno ritmo. Penso già all’emozione di vedere le singole gare e gli sprint finali nel cuore della città.

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